Blazing into 2017

2016 brought it’s challenges that sometimes felt impossible to get through, but here we are. The general feeling we get from people is that it was a rough one! Because of that, we decided to reflect on the year as a team and write down what we thought were highlights. When we looked up at the wall… we were quite surprised to see that 2016 was pretty epic. So we decided to make a video about it. Press play and you’ll see.

We learned that when we give too much energy to the negative things in our lives, we forget about all the wins we earned along the way. Humor us please. Make a list of just 16 good things that happened for you or your business and team… really, just grab a pen. Here’s ours:

1. We welcomed over 15 new clients to the family.
2. We moved into our new headquarters in Little River.
3. We joined our business partner in opening an office in Fort Lauderdale.
4. We hired a full-time video Art Director to better serve our clients.
5. We employed over 25 creatives.
6. We launched the new ICONS (our “passion project” fashion line) and our vintage pieces from the collection got picked up by the hottest fashion boutique in town.
7. We did over 25 brand identity projects for our clients.
8. We launched our scent branding service and collection.
9. We were selected to go through the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Program.
10. We did over 4 FULL branding projects for our clients’ businesses.
11. We earned 3 international clients
12. We launched our new website.
13. We helped one of our clients get picked up by Whole Foods.
14. We were a part of a big fundraiser for Haiti.
15. We launched plans for our scholarship program.
16. One of our very own team members got ENGAGED!

Congratulations on your 2016 and wish you all the best in 2017.

So what did we learn with this exercise that we’ll be using in 2017? Address the losses and feed the wins.

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